BD and Licensing Services

Your Life Science Support for Business Development (BD) and Licensing Services. 

Navigate the intricate landscape of life sciences with Genchrome’s specialized Licensing, and Business Development (BD) services. Thanks to our strategic expertise in the pharma and biotech sectors we help you foster robust partnerships and drive innovation. We excel in matching biotech and pharma ventures with compatible Licensing & Partnership opportunities. With a keen eye for valuation and asset optimization, our international team of former pharma experts is committed to enhancing your company’s market access and positioning. Partner with us to leverage strategic insights and unlock the potential of life sciences through targeted licensing agreements, and growth-centric business development. 

At the heart of our offerings is a deep understanding that every client’s needs are unique. While we present a detailed outline of our services, it’s essential to know that these are not one-size fits-all. We believe in customization and flexibility, ensuring that our services can be adjusted and fine-tuned to align perfectly with your specific requirements. 

 Strategic Licensing & Partnerships

Finding the right Pharma/Biotech partners is key. Genchrome can help you to identify them with a targeted approach based on your own needs and the best matching partners. Our pharma extensive network allows us to reach key identified stakeholders rapidly. 

 Pharma and Biotech Asset Search

Thanks to our proprietary database, Genchrome can help you to complement your portfolio from clinical development assets to commercialized ones. Our approach is defined to ensure a good understanding of your needs, good matching opportunities, and increase your chance of success.

 Pharma & Biotech Commercial Due   Diligence

You are a Pharma, VC, and PE firm: We run commercial due diligence to help you make investments. We work with a global network of pharma executives, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and Payers to build tailored market insights to understand the value of your investment.  

 Assets Valuation

We can run forecast and sensitivity analysis based on market insights, competitive analysis, asset positioning, and pricing & market access assessment.  Our pharma expertise and experience have been key for our clients.

 Growth Strategy & Value Creation

We can help you build your growth strategy based on your acquisitions thanks to our deep and diverse experience in commercialization working on many pharma blockbuster assets.

Industry Input in M&A Transaction

Partnering with leading PE firms/VC, we deliver comprehensive industry insights to drive informed investment strategies. Genchrome helps you decide where to invest and divest, and prioritize life science opportunities.

Supporting Pharma, Biotech and VCs

Whether you’re in the early stages of Series A funding, looking to accelerate growth with Series B and C rounds, or preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO), our expertise is your asset.  

We provide the strategic support necessary to navigate the complexities of financing at each stage, ensuring your innovations reach their full market potential. Our commitment is to visionary companies reshaping healthcare’s future. 

We also empower VCs, PEs and investors with detailed analyses of life science ventures. Our valuation methodologies illuminate the potential of early-stage startups to late-stage enterprises, providing a clear view of opportunities and risks. With our insights, you can make informed decisions at every investment stage, from initial funding to pre-IPO assessments.